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C-Arms and Fluoroscopic Devices

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BluWater Imaging offers cutting-edge C-Arm digital X-ray systems, delivering non-invasive real-time imaging of anatomic structures. Ideal for orthopedic, surgical, and emergency procedures, this medical imaging device utilizes X-ray technology.
Experience the advantage of real-time high-resolution images, enabling physicians to monitor progress, make immediate adjustments, and determine the optimal surgical or therapeutic approach.
Our new and refurbished C-Arm machines excel in angiography, therapeutic studies, cardiac assessments, and orthopedic procedures. With state-of-the-art technology, they provide CT-like soft-tissue picture quality in 3D imaging, vital for evaluating outcomes.
For precise X-ray data and reliable results, contact BluWater Imaging today and elevate your medical practice. Learn more about Fluoroscopy here

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