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MinXRay TR90BH

Portable x-ray generator – BATTERY-POWERED

MinXRay TR90BH

With the TR90BH battery-powered X-ray unit, you will have imaging capabilities regardless of the location. The TR90BH battery-powered X-ray unit is easy to use and quickly programmable for storage of up to 5 exposure techniques. Lightweight, ultra-durable, and powerful with a long-lasting battery life, the TR90BH is your ultimate solution when working in the field regardless of available power.

• High output, low weight, and hundreds of exposures from a single battery charge, packaged in MinXray’s durable designs — the TR90BH battery-powered X-ray unit. Compact but powerful, field-tested, and field-ready.
• Long-lasting, quick change lithium-ion battery
• Unique High Power Mode — up to 50% increase in output at 82-90 kVDC settings
• Ideal output and features for use with digital or film imaging systems
• Backed by industry-leading warranty

Product Specifications:
MinXray TR90BH
Electronic Design: Computer-controlled, high-frequency converter

• X-Ray Output:
20 mA @ 40-60 kVDC,
15 mA @ 62-80 kVDC,
10 mA @ 82-90 kVDC,
+15mA @ 82-90 kVDC in High Power Mode
• Input Power: Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
• Battery Type: 60 VDC
• Timer: 0.01-1.00 (+0.01-.30) 0.01-sec steps
• Internal Power Supply: Pulse Frequency Modulation High-Frequency Inverter System
• X-Ray Tube: CETD D-0814M
• Focal Spot Size: 0.8 mm
• Anode Heat Storage: 9.86 kHU (7kJ)
• Collimator: Mikasa Model R-300V, continuously adjustable light beam type with adjustable dual integrated laser pointers to indicate central ray and distance in bright ambient light conditions
• LP4 Laser Pointers: Class Illa; laser diode; max. output less than 3.0 mW, wavelength 635 mm
• Exposure Switch: Two-stage deadman type with RJ11 connector
• Exposure Cord: 8 ft (2.4 m)
• Size: 8 5/8 W x 7.5 H x 17 3/8 L
• 219mm x 190mm x 442mm
• Weight: 14.65 lb (6.6kg) without battery
• Weight: 17.0 lb (7.7kg) with battery
• DR Interface: RJ45 connector
• Battery Charger: 85-264V (AC, 50 Hz/60Hz)
• Battery Charge Method: Constant Current: 2000 mA +/- 10%, Constant Voltage: 16.8V +/- 200mV

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