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Siemens Magneto C 0.35T

The Siemens MAGNETOM C 0.35T MRI machine impressively combines true multi-channel imaging, utilizing 4-element coils and 4 channels, enabling faster head-to-toe scans within its unique open design. It prioritizes patient comfort with side-loading, incorporates the latest application technology for seamless workflow, and optimizes component integration for enhanced productivity.

Siemens MRI scanners, renowned for their Tim® Technology, have set an industry standard. They offer exceptional flexibility, precision, and speed, meeting the evolving needs of modern clinics.

Siemens Magneto C 0.35T

Exceptional image quality with Multi-Channel Array coils Easy patient positioning and very convenient coil handling with true Multi-Channel Array coils significantly increase SNR, ease of use, and workflow and enables parallel imaging with syngo® GRAPPA for faster scans. MAGNETOM C’s multiple coils for an extended field of view can be placed simultaneously to avoid patient repositioning and facilitate image composition.
Cost-efficient quality care Comprehensive workflow from start to finish. With MAGNETOM C every step is optimized to streamline your examinations: beginning with quick and easy patient positioning and posterior coil parts that remain on the table. High-field protocols and applications, tailor-made to mid-field, allow for a high workflow and excellent applications. A wide choice of applications opens opportunities for more referrals.
Outstanding patient comfort with the most open, compact C-shaped magnet More space means less anxiety. A unique C-shaped magnet for easy side loading and a friendly, compact design cooperate to create an open and free atmosphere.

• Field strength 0.35 Tesla.
• Bore size 270° accessibility.
• Pole diameter 137 cm
• Minimum room size 30 m2.
• RF 4 independent receive channels.
• Gradient strength (24 mT/m @ 55 T/m/s).

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