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Konica Minolta SONIMAGE HS2

The SONIMAGE® HS2 L18-4 is a broad-frequency linear probe that offers both high sensitivity and deep penetration for scanning both superficial and deep joint structures.

Konica Minolta SONIMAGE HS2

T2HI (Traid Tissue Harmonic Imaging) Dual Sonic Technology
• By combining T2HI and Dual Sonic, a high-quality THI signal is formed around the center of the ultrasound beam in the receiving area.
As a result, it suppresses the acoustic noise and ensures the optimum image from deep to superficial structure.

• The SONIMAGE HS2 achieves higher resolution and faster frame rates by utilizing Konica Minolta’s unique technology “iXRET”.

SNV (Simple Needle Visualization)
• The SONIMAGE HS2 automatically detects needle insertion.
This function can be used both ‘In plane’ and ‘Out of plane’.

MPA (Multi-Parameter Adjuster)
• MPA enables to change of multiple image parameters like frequency change and turning the trapezoid on in conjunction with depth change.

Vascular NAVI
• All necessary adjustments and operations are realized automatically. By touching the mode and measurement button, semi-automatic measurement is also achieved. This function supports easy workflow for blood vessels and blood flow volume measurements.

Drawing Feature
• The SONIMAGE HS2 offers the unique capability to write text and draw lines and figures using fingers on the screen. This is an excellent tool for training and communication with patient

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