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Bennett DC-1

Many options to meet the unique requirements of various treatment techniques.

Bennett DC-1

The single most important consideration when investing in a new X-ray system is High-Frequency technology. It has revolutionized chiropractic radiography. More powerful than conventional single-phase or three-phase generators, High-Frequency technology has become the industry standard.

The Bennett HF-30B generator with 500 mA and 600 mAs high-frequency output delivers the benefits of reduced patient exposure, maximum diagnostic image quality, and extended tube life.

Reliability is essential. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, the Bennett HF-30B generator employs internal self-diagnostics and sophisticated self-testing, capable of making vital changes during the x-ray exposure to ensure the integrity of the exposure is faultless.

Digital Ready – Right for Today and Tomorrow. All of our radiographic systems are compatible with most digital imaging systems. Our IMAGER Upgrade may be added to your system at any time after purchase, converting it to a DICOM-compliant digital imaging system.

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