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UMG/DEL MT500 Family

Highly maneuverable mobile tables with optional elevation

UMG/DEL MT500 Family

Flexible Tables
The family of DEL MEDICAL MT500 mobile radiographic tables is ideally suited for hospitals, imaging centers, orthopedic clinics, and private practices.

They can be paired with an overhead tube crane (OTC), floor-mounted tube stand (FMT), or mobile systems, providing economical table options that also enable fixed rooms to be installed in smaller spaces without clinical limitations. When used with OTC or FMT systems, the same sturdy trays used with fixed tables may be installed under the MT500 table to provide high-quality images. They also may be used with U-Arms, Straight Arms, or C-Arms without the table’s optional tray, using the receptor built into the arm.
They feature a heavy-duty steel frame with maximum stability and a stain-resistant fiber resin tabletop with a hefty 500-pound (227 kg) patient weight capacity. The large-diameter casters provide smooth movement, swivel 360 degrees, and come standard with easy, yet reliable, foot locks.

The MT500 fixed mobile table is our most economical of the MT500 family. It offers a fixed, convenient working height, and is positioned by rolling into place on its smooth-riding castors. The MT500 comes standard with a fiber resin tabletop and offers an optional clear tabletop to better see positioning with a U-arm, C-arm, or Straight Arm system. The tabletop can also be upgraded to a carbon fiber tabletop to minimize absorption.

The MT500F mobile table offers a smooth float-top tabletop, for more precise positioning without rolling the table or moving the patient on the top. It is a sturdy fixed height with a standard fiber resin top and may be used either with standard radiographic rooms with an under-table tray or with U-arms or other devices with built-in detectors.

The MT500EL mobile table provides all the benefits of easy patient positioning of a float-top tabletop, as well as providing line-powered elevation to enable patient transfers with ease of wheelchairs, stretchers, etc., while still elevating to a convenient working height. It has a standard fiber resin top and may also be used with either an under-table tray for standard rooms or without the tray for use with devices with incorporated detectors.

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